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All suites and bedrooms have large en-suite bathrooms and the master suite is fitted with German bathtubs with a Jacuzzi. To add to this is a convenient powder room that is attached to the living room. You will find a large verandah at the back of the manor from where you can enjoy the view of the glorious hills and stunning streams every day and the outdoor furniture and outdoor dining facilities add to its charm.

The front balcony overlooks the golf course and lake. An ideal place to watch the sunset from. You can enjoy your personal space and privacy with the back balcony that overlooks an incredible view as well. We come with a fully-equipped large kitchen as well as accommodation for up to 4 accompanied staff. The best part of the house is the large family lounge on the 1st floor which comes furnished with low-seating sofas and incredible furniture. It is certainly the best place for the whole family to bond and spend some quality time together . Undoubtedly one of the most exciting places is the outdoor temperature-controlled pool, jacuzzi, and mist shower with a fabulously landscaped garden overlooking it. Along with all this we have an exquisite bar area for all those party nights for you to hang out with friends and family!

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